Types of Pressure Washer Pumps to Consider


If you have pressure washer equipment, you will notice when the pump breaks down, you will find a variety in the market when you need to replace it. Again, if you are looking forward to buying a pressure washer machine, you need to evaluate the best accessories that will suit your needs and wants. A pressure washer pump is a significant part of the equipment, and it must always stand in good condition to ensure maximum functionality. That is why this article explores different types of pressure washer pumps you can consider buying.

Types of Pressure Washer Pumps.

Although before you purchase any pressure washer, you must analyze their PSI and GPM, it is also significant that you understand different pressure washer pumps. In the marketplace, you will get three primary pressure washer pumps, including axial, wobble, and triplex, as described below.

  • Axial Pressure Washer Pump

These pressure washer pumps have the best design in the market, making them more flexible. They also have a great PSI and GPM that works best for residential to a prosumer type of pumps. They last longer since they can serve you up to 500 – 800 hours without breaking down. However, despite these pressure washer pumps giving out the best results, they have more friction.

  • Wobble Pressure washer Pump

These are the most affordable pressure washer pumps available in the market. However, they can’t handle extreme cleaning services, and they are meant for light tasks. A wobble pressure washer pump can serve you up to 200 – 400 hours. The downside of these pumps is that you cannot repair any section in case of damages other than replacing them.

  • Triplex Pressure washer Pumps

The triplex pressure washer pumps are the strongest compared to wobble and axial. Their PSI and GPM are highly flexible, and you can configure their PSI and GPM easily. In case of damages, you can easily repair a triplex pressure washer pump or seek professional help, and it will function well. Get this pressure washer pump, and it will last you at least ten times more than an axial one.

So, based on your needs, which pump will be ideal for accomplishing your cleaning services? Make a perfect choice to satisfy your needs.

Other Pressure Washer Pump you can consider.

The unloader (comes with a pressure washer)

These come in different designs, and they are adjustable. This implies that you can adjust the pressure to ensure effective cleaning and minimize the rate of damages.

There are two different types of unloaders; an internal one and an external one. The internal is built in the pressure washer, while the external one comes aside with the pressure washer. Therefore, it is easy to repair an external unloader pump than the internal one.


Different parts of a pressure washer machine play significant roles in ensuring the equipment works effectively to deliver the desired results. Pressure washer pumps offer great services to the overall machine. That is why when you need to buy or replace your pump, you must know the different types existing in the market.

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