How to Make a Stick Horse at Home


Are you planning to let the children DIY a stick horse? Constructing a horse on a stick, also known as a hobbyhorse, may be an enjoyable activity that will reward your youngster with hours of creative play and physical activity. Almost everyone has fond memories of playing with a stick horse.

The timeless appeal of stick horses explains why they have stood the test of time. They are still a fantastic way to encourage creativity in kids today. So, let’s learn the easy way to build this creative toy.

Gather All the Decorative Items

First off, find and collect suitable embellishments. Ribbons, yarn, googly eyes, big buttons, and other embellishments are all good options for personalizing your hobbyhorse.

Dowels will be horse legs. So, the size should match your needs. However, for the ideal size for the stick horse’s body, you’ll need a stick about 3 feet in length and 3/4 inches in diameter. Find an old wooden broomstick to save money.

Prepare the Stick

A 2-4 inches slot should be cut into the stick above where the hands would rest on the horse’s body. This groove is for securing the head of the hobbyhorse to the dowel.

Prepare the Horse Head

You can make a pattern for the riding toy’s head by drawing the shape freehand on cardboard or poster board. You can use an existing illustration as a pattern or create your own by enlarging it, photocopying it, and printing it. The template for the stick horse needs a long neck added.

Use the drawn lines as guides to cut out the pattern. Make a double-fold of the fabric. Using the fabric as a guide, position your pattern and cut it out. As a result, you’ll have a pair of matching parts. Join the two halves with thread to create the stick horse’s head.

The opening at the back of the neck must be kept unplugged to accommodate the dowel.

Last Step

Using cotton batting, fill the head of your hobby horse about halfway. You can use old socks or scrap fabric if you don’t have batting. Instead of cups, consider a Styrofoam ball or other soft filling. Perhaps it’ll endure longer. Make a nose, some eyes, and a mouth out of decorations. The stick horse’s mane can be made from yarn, curtain fringe, or a combination of the two. For a more natural look, use brown string instead of ribbon. You can also choose a beaded necklace for a whimsical look.

Ensure that the dowel is inserted into the hobbyhorse’s head to the very top (or the heel of the sock). Ensure that the stick is still inside, then finish packing the head. Secure the head to the dowel with yarn, twine, or hair elastics. The screw should rest in the notch you hacked into the dowel.

You can give your toy horse riding reins made of ribbon as the last touch.

Final Verdict

A stick horse is an easy and fun craft for your youngster or any other kid in the neighborhood to enjoy. However, keep an eye out on the kids while using a hot glue. Now that you’ve successfully made one, it’s time to ride and enjoy!

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