A detailed explanation of Raw Malachite


The internal part of the earth is full of different minerals having both crystalline and non-crystalline forms. They are taken out of land to use for useful purposes. The raw malachite is of these minerals, which is beneficial for its unique properties. In this article, you will learn about malachite.

What is raw malachite?

It is a copper carbonate mineral with green color having a chemical composition of Cu2CO3 (OH)2. It is a major component of the monolithic crystal system, having a silky texture. A large amount of copper metal is produced through malachite. Its green color doesn’t fade with time. It has been important since ancient times because it is a sculptural material and a valuable gemstone.

What is the raw malachite formation site?

The malachite is specifically formed internally on the earth. It is included in an oxidizing zone above the copper deposits present in the shallow depth of the world. It is usually precipitated in porous rocks, cavities, and other spaces.

Its main formation site is within the limestone, which provides favorable conditions for its formation. It is found with a combination of other minerals including copper, iron oxide, bornite, etc.

What are the physical properties of raw malachite?

The main physical properties of malachite include its color and shape. The physical appearance of all specimens of malachite ranges in green color, which helps in their identification. They may be dark green or pastel green.

Malachite may be found in crystalline or non-crystalline form. In crystalline form, the shape may be tubular or acicular crystalline form may have an adamantine or vitreous texture with a bright green color. It is mostly translucent in crystalline form. The non-crystalline malachite usually has a dull luster and is opaque.

Discuss the main uses of raw malachite.

The malachite offers the following applications.

  • Malachite is used as a stone for many purposes because of its spiritual and physical powers. It is used for rebuilding strength after a prolonged illness and bad health. The monthly cycles can balance through the regular use of this valuable mineral.
  • Moreover, you can also use it for curing emotional imbalance. It helps you eliminate your toxic and undesired thoughts and fears. It effectively aids in the opening of your heart chakra.
  • The perfect application of malachite is to use as jewelry. You can wear a gemstone necklace, ring, or other jewelry.
  • You can use the powdered form of malachite as a pigment. These green pigments can be used for different paintings or makeup.
  • When the malachite stone is properly carved and polished, you can use it to create beautiful ornamental gadgets. These decorative gadgets include animal figures and boxes.

How to know whether raw malachite is real or fake?

The pattern of the raw malachite gemstone can tell if the malachite is real or fake. It possesses a non-uniform pattern with different shades. It also shows swirls with lines of varying thicknesses and circles.


Raw malachite, with its green color, is found within the earth. The information mentioned above greatly helps in the identification of malachite. It also gives you various ideas on how to use this valuable mineral.


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